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Final Word

In this guide we've gone through what you should know before you buy, why and where to buy, what to buy and alternatives to physical Gold and Silver. Hopefully with this information at hand you will be confident moving forward with buying Gold and Silver if you believe it's worthwhile doing so.

Even with this guide at your fingertips you are probably still going to make mistakes (or perhaps just think you have over the short term). My first kilo of Silver was purchased within a week of the price peak that Silver saw in early 2008. I read the stories online about how Silver was heading higher than the 1980 peak and dove into the market. Around 6 months later the price of Silver had halved in price (in USD and was significantly cheaper in AUD also), but I had continued my research and bought the dip heavily and today am well rewarded for doing so.

I think there is an opportunity in Gold and Silver both to preserve your current assets as well as substantially increase your net wealth with the right timing and decisions. However as I pointed out earlier in the guide, with a 10 year bull market behind us it pays to take care. Don't be too aggressive with your exposure to the metals if you aren't confident making the right decision on when to exit. At US$1650 (AUD$1600) Gold and US$30 (AUD$29) Silver I don't think their prices are in a bubble, but the last days of the previous precious metals bull market played out very quickly with the metals making a majority of their gains in the final few months, before peaking and entering a 20 year bear market.

The environment we face today is very different to that seen in the 1970s bull market (although there are some similarities), there is no guarantee that things play out exactly the same especially if we end up remonetising Gold and/or Silver. A return to sound money has the potential to lead not only to a significant increase in the value of the metals but for them to rise and plateau at much higher prices than today. 

Hopefully this guide has provided you with a good solid base on where to start your Gold and Silver investment journey. If you feel it has helped then I would encourage you to share it with friends and family if they intend on buying Gold and Silver.


Happy investing, stacking, saving and collecting.

Bullion Baron. (Bullion Baron's Gold & Silver Buyer's Guide) (Bullion Baron's Blog)