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About This Site

Some readers of this guide might already be familiar with my blog:

I have been buying, trading and investing in the precious metals sector for 4 years.

In my opinion there is still an opportunity in this sector both to make money and preserve wealth.

Most of my knowledge has come from extensive personal research, reading and talking with others as well as actively participating in the market. It took me a long time simply to grasp the basics of how and what physical Gold and Silver to buy (after I'd worked out that I should be buying).

Unfortunately there are many local impacts to consider when buying Gold and Silver in Australia, so while there may already be comprehensive information on the internet for US or European citizens I have yet to see a guide for local buyers.

To try and bridge this gap for new comers to the Gold and Silver market I have written this guide on the basics to buying (physical) Gold and Silver in Australia.

If you see any weaknesses in the guide, angles or essential Gold/Silver basics that I have missed please feel free to drop me an email with any suggestions:

As you can imagine many hours went into producing this guide. Please do not reproduce the guide in full anywhere else. You may quote small amounts of the guide with a working weblink back to this site.

I would encourage you to share the site with any colleagues, friends or family who are considering buying Gold or Silver, hopefully it will save you some time when it comes to educating them on the basics.

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